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Foster a workplace & world with more
mattering, connection, & belonging

Book a science-backed, interactive keynote
for your team:

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​This engaging keynote experience will resonate with:


CORPORATIONS: For boosting retention efforts that save money on replacing disengaged, under-appreciated workers. For cultures committed to helping everyone bring their full selves to work. For teams craving more cohesion and a sense of belonging. For managers needing an easy to-use tool that shows employees how their talents matter.

TRADE GROUPS: Associations are hungry for fresh, affordable tools to foster a deeper sense of mattering and belonging. They want to honor and appreciate members and boost engagement. When members go from feeling unseen to feeling significant, they contribute more time and energy to your industry.


HEALTHCARE / HOSPICE WORKERS: For professionals on the front lines of medicine, Gracenotes are a vital tool for communicating in the midst of difficulty, honoring others, and coping with change and loss—their own and their patients’.

FINANCIAL SERVICE FIRMS: For clients of investment firms involved in conversations around legacy, meaning, and how they wish to be remembered, Gracenotes help create a strategic road map.


WOMEN’S EVENTS: With 70% of women and men reporting a sense of impostor syndrome (!), Gracenotes are a critical antidote to the doubt many feel in our accomplishments and self-worth.

Andrea has a unique gift for bringing the right conversations to the forefront in ways the message can be heard and processed quickly. Watching her deliver in a corporate setting like at Amazon was a case study in how to engage the head and the heart for tangible results. And for us, these results included learning to apply her fresh approach for communicating messages of inclusion, belonging, and mattering. She engaged a 300+-person online audience with wit and smarts, while also flexing to embrace the unfolding conversation of the group.
Everyone stayed engaged til the very end!
--Kristin Graham, Principal,
Culture & Communications

The Boeing Company

Andrea as a person and a professional is authentic and genuine, making the working relationship extremely positive and enjoyable. She is a clear communicator, organized, thoughtful, intentional and an active listener (which is hard to come by these days!) During Andrea’s Gracenotes session, our audience participation and engagement was at the highest I’ve seen it during these virtual times, because of Andrea’s ability to relate to people, making them feel safe and comfortable. After her session, I received several notes of praise and thanks to Andrea for reminding and encouraging them to pause and reflect on acknowledging those who are most important in life.

The power and purpose of what you do is infinitely meaningful. P to the power of 3. Your poise, professionalism, and polish fuel the credibility of your work. Your authentic kindness is evident in the first 30 seconds of the session…You have inspired me to share your message of grace to many, many others.

--Carl Gaertner

“Andrea provided an encouraging, gracious atmosphere for reflection and connection. I appreciated her gentle presence, and the opportunity to design a Gracenote that was a meaningful moment both for me and for my loved one. Although the program was virtually delivered, Andrea’s light and warmth were palpable—highly recommended!” --Wendy Pender, Older Adults Program Coord., King Cty Library Sys.

Interactive, science-backed workshop experiences with speaker, author, & founder of Gracenotes, Andrea Driessen:


  • Cultivate deeper MEANING, especially when life feels precarious and uncertain

  • Show others not just that they matter, but HOW they matter

  • Help people feel more GROUNDED and COHESIVE in times of enormous change

  • Clarify and cultivate a greater LEGACY as we age

  • Build stronger TEAMS through the lens of appreciation

  • Bring everyone’s WHOLE SELVES to work

  • Provide an ACTIONABLE tool for defeating IMPOSTOR SYNDROME

  • Move individuals from feeling unseen to feeling SIGNIFICANT

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How much do you matter to your organization?


Knowing the answer to this question can change the way you work and live. After all, when we know our talents matter, when we’re valued and appreciated for our humanness, we take bigger risks. We tackle greater challenges. We bring our full selves to work. And work culture becomes one of greater belonging and inclusion.

Dive deeper in to the Math of Mattering and the Science of Being Seen.


Andrea Driessen offers interactive Gracenotes experiences to organizations committed to helping everyone feel seen and heard. For teams craving more cohesion. For managers needing an actionable, meaningful tool that shows employees how their talents move the dial. As more and more companies navigate a hybrid workforce, it is more critical than ever for people to feel greater connection, belonging, and collaboration.

Speaker Andrea Driessen is the creator of Gracenotes, international award-winning entrepreneur & author, message strategist, 2x TEDx speaker, wenote® (interactive keynote) presenter, & hospice volunteer

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Andrea Driessen helps people live and die with more intention and impact. And has dedicated her career to helping companies, nonprofits, and teams become more capable, communicative, and connected. So, it’s no wonder that as a hospice volunteer with Providence of Seattle, Andrea understands the profound power of open and caring communication between those who are dying and their loved ones, along with the importance of recognition, mattering, and productivity at work.

Through her interactions with people who are dying—and those who are very much alive—she has developed this powerful, actionable tool. And has witnessed the life-changing effects this straightforward exercise has on anyone.


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