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Andrea Driessen spoke about Gracenotes 
at TEDxSeattle on November 23, 2019.
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What's a Gracenote?


We have invented a range of phrases to help us face the inevitability of death. Tongue in cheek, we say: “You can’t take it with you.” “The only certainties are death and taxes.” “No one gets out of here alive.”


And yet there's a powerful and even practical cure for mortality. A way to reverse-engineer death—our own—and of those we love. And a way to lessen the pain of grief and regret, as well as boost happiness, well being and resiliency.


We call it a Gracenote. It answers the question, why should eulogies only be for dead people?!


You can think of the Gracenote as a living eulogy: love notes to loved ones who may (or may not!) be dying, that express our sincerest thoughts about them. While they’re still here. Like musical grace notes, they make something beautiful even better. Writing them has profound, positive impacts on your family, your friends and even on yourself.


As we seek to find and further what is real in an increasingly “fake” world; as we better understand the importance and power of feeling gratitude; and as we aim to live and die with more intention…Gracenotes help acknowledge that we are all dying to matter—before we’re gone.

Who created Gracenotes?

Andrea Driessen has been a volunteer for Providence Hospice of Seattle since 2016. Through her interactions with people who are dying—and those who are very much alive—she has developed this powerful, actionable tool.


A lifelong learner, Andrea has been actively involved in the local and global TEDx community for 8 years, and has dedicated her career to helping companies, nonprofits, and teams become more effective and capable. She is also the creator of Mixing Chamber®—which helps organizations curate, communicate, and activate their most ground-breaking ideas. She presented the Gracenotes idea at TEDxSeattle in 2019.


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