Andrea Driessen's TEDx Talk in 2019 went immediately viral

Gracenotes® are eulogies for the living


They express our most affirming thoughts about anyone we care about. And they ensure others know they matter—at any age.

Giving and receiving Gracenotes lessens the pain of grief and regret, as well as boosts happiness and a sense of belonging, wellbeing, and resiliency—for both the giver and the receiver—in an unforgettable experience that can last a lifetime.

Writing them has profound, positive impacts on your family, your friends, and even on yourself.

Like musical grace notes, they make something beautiful even better.

As we seek to find and further what is real in an increasingly fake world; as we better understand the importance and power of feeling gratitude; as we tap into the power of appreciation; and as we aim to live and die with more intention…Gracenotes help acknowledge that we are all dying to matter—before we’re gone.



Creator of Gracenotes

Andrea Driessen has dedicated her career to helping companies, nonprofits, and teams become more communicative, effective, and capable. So it’s no wonder that as a hospice volunteer with Providence of Seattle, she understands the profound power of open and caring communication between those who are dying and their loved ones, along with the importance of recognition, reward, appreciation, and productivity in the business world.

Through her interactions with people who are dying—and those who are very much alive—she has developed this powerful, actionable tool. And has witnessed the life-changing effects this straightforward exercise has on anyone.


Andrea delivered a TEDxSeattle Talk on Gracenotes in 2019. She's also the creator of the affiliate site, A Greater Legacy:  Unconventional Celebrations of Life.

Find out about interactive, actionable experiences for the workplace:

I was stunned to receive this unexpected gift of a Gracenote from a dear friend…Most touching was hearing how my friend “saw” me. So often, we’re critical of ourselves or focus on our weaknesses. It was incredibly powerful and validating to hear that, where I saw failure, she saw achievement; where I saw ‘not good enough,’ she saw perfection. Having her hold up this lovely mirror of how she saw me truly changed the way I thought about myself. I keep her Gracenote in my bedside table and take it out when I need a boost.

KA Johansson

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